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“Serving East Tennessee Since 1967″

Drain Construction Company is a third generation general contracting business serving East Tennessee and the surrounding area since 1967.
Drain Construction Company is based on hard work, strong morals and high expectations. That’s how we are “Exceeding Customers’ Expectations.” We are not afraid to work hard to get the job done. We believe in doing what is right and we expect the most out of our personnel and our sub-contractors. Each job must satisfy us before we present it to the owners.
Over forty plus years of contracting has given us a very diverse portfolio, as well as broad knowledge of the construction business. We specialize in quality construction including commercial, industrial and residential projects. We have built everything from bleachers to ten million dollar plant expansion projects.
We also focus on “turnkey concrete construction” for commercial, industrial and retail projects – including form, prep and pouring of foundations, floor slabs, sidewalks and retaining walls. We also handle machinery and specialty foundations. We are committed to providing quality work and take great pride in serving our customers.
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